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1-6 Nork district

7-9 Nork district

Avan, Avan-Arindge




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Sell Apartment in Yerevan in a More Expensive and Faster Way (2)

Entrance and Territory of the Apartment in Yerevan

Drunken neighbor or a group of drunken people walking and acting so that everyone living close to that district may hear somewhat reduces the likelihood of a successful outcome of the review. If possible, try to negotiate better on this subject: "gathered last strength in his fist and walk to the apartment," or "wait a little with the brawl."

Both close to the entrance and inside it, must be clean and pleasant. If your yard is one big garbage dump, and to clean it up is inpossible, then there is only one way out - to show your apartment in Yerevan in the dark time.

Tidy up the entrance is much simpler and, alas, it needs to be done by yourself or people whom you need to pay. But much better  are sold apartments in Yerevan that have clean and bright entrance (to turn on the lamps, preferably 100 watts or more), in summer (you need to open the windows and refresh the airl). Such delicacies as flowers on the windowsill, still did not cancel any transaction, but may well contribute to its conclusion.

The front door

Mystery of the human brain. Why the front door is so important in making customer solutions - is hard to say, but true. Then home, the husband and wife will discuss the benefits of your offered apartment in Yerevan, they will talk about kindergarten and convenient shops that are literally next door, they will remember the layout, the form of the window,  but the sight of them will be the entrance to the apartment. Why? Perhaps psychologists know the answer to this question, but in any case, the door is better to put in order, if necessary, re-upholster, repair locks and the bell.


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Price stat for apartment (m2)