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Sell your House with Feng Shui

Step 1 – Clear your house
Your apartment or house in Armenia needs a thorough cleaning of all the negative, accumulated within its walls. One of the most productive tools in order to sell a house in Yerevan with Feng Shui is an easy redecoration. Only one painting can freshen your place.

Stage 2 - Ritual
In this case, you can use one or several ways:
- If you have a house, turn on a bright light, let it burn there all the time.
- In front of the door place a small figure of phoenix, this bird is responsible for the fulfillment of desires. Ask him for a happy and quick sale of the apartment or house in Yerevan or attach a small piece of paper with the word "sold".
- In the northwest of the room or apartment hang a small metal bell. Ring it a few times a day.

Stage 3 - meet buyers
Among other things, to sell the house in feng shui - it means creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony so that potential buyers want to come back again. How to do?
- Hang in the center of the room (can be on the chandelier), a small crystal ball, it not only absorbs all the negative energy, but also creates a feeling of comfort
- Before the arrival of customers activate the flow of qi yang energy: light up in all the rooms and, turn on soft music and for a couple of minutes open all faucets.
- Fill the apartment in Armemia with pleasant aromas. As you may know, aromatherapy and feng shui has long been tightly intertwined with each other. The most favorable scent to attract customers - it's cinnamon. Never overuse it. The best solution - it's a drop in the lamp at the entrance or in the main room, or make a fresh cake with cinnamon, so it was almost ready for the arrival of the buyer.

- Create a little chaos. Everyone, even on a subconscious level, seeks to create harmony. Take advantage of this feature and move some furniture not in a good way, and immediately the customer starts thinking how he/she would arrange the furniture.

If you want to sell a house or apartment in Yerevan with Feng Shui - Rising Moon is the optimal time for placing an announcement, take your ease – everything will go OK!

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Price stat for apartment (m2)