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1-6 Nork district

7-9 Nork district

Avan, Avan-Arindge




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How to Sell a House in Yerevan Quickly and Profitably (3)

7. By all means take pictures of your house in Yerevan of a possibly better quality and at different angles. Put your ad on the internet, because now a lot of people search by internet, and thus they will be happy to see the offer that will interest them easily by internet.

8. Before the sale, take time to make a cosmetic repair, otherwise the buyer will be very disappointed if suddenly it will be found out that somewhere there is a leaky faucet or clogged drain.

9. Constantly be in touch, and during the sale your mobile phone must be available. Being on a "hot line" to any time you can come to show your real estate in Yerevan. Realtor also must always be ready (unless you use a real estate agent). Remember, a potential trade often destroys the situations that the buyer at the right moment is not able to find the seller.

Finally, do not expect a rise in prices. The house can be very profitable sold, even regardless of the current economic period, but waiting on the contrary, it may cost you a pretty penny. So if you decide to sell your real estate in Armenia, sell and do not loiter. If you have stocked to all of the above mentioned rules, the deal will sure to be successful.

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Price stat for apartment (m2)