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Real Estate in Yerevan

Byuzand Str.
Apartment, Byuzand Str., Total space 102
Rooms 2, Floor / Stores 9/12
$ 240000

Papazyan   str.
Apartment, Papazyan str., Total space 44
Rooms 1, Floor / Stores 5/5
$ 48000

Sose   str.
Apartment, Sose str., Total space 77
Rooms 3, Floor / Stores 5/14
$ 90000

Apartment, A.Serob, Total space 83
Rooms 3, Floor / Stores 1/5
$ 60000

Argishti  Str.
Apartment, Argishti Str., Total space 155
Rooms 4, Floor / Stores 13/14
$ 202000

Avan   Kuchak  disrtrict
Apartment, Avan Kuchak disrtrict, Total space 92
Rooms 4, Floor / Stores 6/9
$ 72000

Estonakan   str.
Apartment, Estonakan str., Total space 38
Rooms 1, Floor / Stores 11/12
$ 37000

Babajanyan   str.
Apartment, Babajanyan str., Total space 78
Rooms 3, Floor / Stores 7/9
$ 40000

V.Antarain Str.
Apartment, V.Antarain Str., Total space 142
Rooms 4, Floor / Stores 2/3
$ 156000

Orbeli  Str.
Apartment, Orbeli Str., Total space 43
Rooms 1, Floor / Stores 5/5
$ 46000

Real Estate in Armenia

Armenian real estate agency Yerkir renders a full range of realty services in Yerevan real estate market and all over Armenia. Yerkir real estate agency provides fast search in constantly updated, actual base of real estate in Armenia, advantageous purchase offers, sales, rent of housing and commercial estate, services of high qualified realtors and legal support.

The intimate knowledge of the sphere, membership in association of realtors, wide experience, high professionalism of staff, individual approach to each client, long-term work confirmed by various licenses, certificates, diplomas and positive responses of our clients, excellent reputation, international standards of business dealing, allowed us to gain the respect of our partners and trust of clients.

The experience, qualification and competence of our staff allows to work at high professional level with any kind of real estate in Armenia: apartments, houses, new buildings, bowers or cottages, land, commercial estate. Our company will help you in making a right choice of real estate, proceeding from your wishes and financial possibilities.

We offer our clients the best conditions of collaboration during purchase, sale and rent of apartments, houses, housing and commercial real estate in Armenia and also lands. Collaborating with us, you get high quality and timely services, economy of time and means.

If you need to buy or sell apartment in Armenia, house in Armenia, ground area or to get commercial real estate, if you are interested in rent of apartments and commercial real estate in Armenia or any other questions concerning real estate in Armenia start collaboration with Yerkir real estate agency. You can be assured that high quality services will be rendered to you.

By means of the services rendered by Armenian real estate agency Yerkir, you can get maximum advantageous and comfortable conditions of collaboration during buy, to sell, to rent, lease housing and commercial estate both in Yerevan and all over Armenia. Our staff provides clients with high qualified realty services. Constantly updated database will allow make a  fast selection of different variants of purchase, sale, rent real estate in  Armenia.

In the “About Us” page you can find detailed information about both Armenian Real Estate Agency Yerkir and company's full range of services. We are glad to suggest our help around all issues concerning real estate in Armenia.

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1-6 Nork district

7-9 Nork district

Avan, Avan-Arindge